List of Exhibitors at Barcelona 2010

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Premium Exhibitors 2010

The European Social Network (ESN) is the independent network for local public social services in Europe. ESN’s mission is to support our members to change the lives of the most vulnerable in our societies through the delivery of quality social services. ESN brings together directors of social work and social care services working at the local level. Member organisations are national or regional associations of directors of social services, individual regions, provinces, counties and cities and research, development and regulatory bodies working alongside directors of social services in shaping services for the local community.


Accor Services provides innovative solutions to assist local authorities in the administration of their social benefits. Our solutions provide a cost-efficient means of distributing social benefits that increase freedom of choice while ensuring that the personal dignity of recipients is respected. We also can provide detailed reporting that helps policymakers in their subsequent decision making. Solutions can be based on different options, ranging from paper to chip cards. The choice of solution must take account of the programme’s objectives.


Dexia plays a major role in the financing of local facilities and infrastructures, the health and social housing sectors and the social economy. Dexia thus assists all public and semi-public operators in implementing their projects, and participates in the development of local infrastructures and services. Close to its clients and fully in tune with their requirements, Dexia is constantly developing and widening its range of products and services. The aim is to go well beyond the role of specialist lender and, by providing the benefit of its immense experience, to offer public and semi-public operators the solutions most suited to their needs.


Tieto helps the welfare sector at individual, regional and national level to meet the need to improve efficiency without compromising safety and quality. We focus on digitalizing welfare services and opening new opportunities for integrated lifecare – a seamless care and service chain from birth to old age. Healthcare and welfare organizations are facing challenges with aging populations, shortage of skilled labour and increasing pressures. Tieto's response is to balance the equation by optimizing processes, securing the flow of information, and empowering citizens through digital self-services.


Eurofound - a tripartite EU agency - provides expertise on living and working conditions, industrial relations and managing change in Europe. Eurofound is the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, a European Union body established to work in specialised areas of EU policy. It provides information, advice and expertise on living and working conditions, industrial relations and managing change in Europe for key actors in the field of EU social policy on the basis of comparative information, research and analysis.


The Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues - NVC - is an institution within the social and health sector of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The NVC is tasked with enhancing the quality of the social policy sphere in the Nordic region and adjacent areas by means of education, information, support for research cooperation, development work, network establishment and international work. The efforts of the NVC will assist in developing the Nordic welfare model and will strengthen Nordic cooperation.  

Youth Advocate Programs Inc. (YAP) aim to promote safe, proven effective and economical alternatives to institutional placement. Working closely with statutory authorities, YAP has developed community-based programmes for youth and families with complex needs across the United States since 1975 and in Ireland since 2002. One of the largest not-for-profit youth and family service delivery agencies in the USA, YAP's model is based upon the development of a trust relationship built between an adult advocate, a young person and their family. Advocates understand the cultural diversity of their neighbourhood, being recruited from local communities, which also supports local economic development through employment. Contact: [email protected].